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Flower of Life Patterns The Website for Digital Surface Pattern Designs are an on-line catalogue for designed pattern surfaces used by designers, fabric houses or any one who wishes to download a pattern for their own use. Here you will find across-the-board digital designs for printable surfaces.  These can be used in particular for artwork, fabrics and/or products.  However our strong focus is on fabric design.  In the field of fabrics we attempt to bring natural beauty to clothes and/or accessories.  We also give you an idea of how our patterns will look through images on display.  You just have to click on any pattern to get the feel of how your design may look.
Overall, we provide fashion designers, fashion houses and manufacturers with printable digital designs worldwide.  These surface patterns are pleasing to the eye and are instantly downloadable.  The downloading process on this site takes but a split second which saves time and money.  Preparing a sketch and/or creating a detailed surface pattern can be time consuming and will take the designer away from the most productive part of their work which is the creativity.
As a rule, we carry out a detailed analysis of the market and make predictions for future trends. Then we design with depth and vision, shapes and textures in mind.   Our ultimate goal is to create a cheaper alternative to the textile or digital artwork industry. Thus adding value and real quality to any end product.
We hope we have inspired you through our unique collection of surface patterns and whilst wishing you the very best, we hope to see you again, soon.

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