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 Peacock Surface Pattern by Flower of Life Patterns

If you are a bird lover then this Peacock Surface Pattern Design is ideal for you as it shows nature’s most beautiful birds in various stages of movement.

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With a variety of colours to choose from, this Peacock Surface Pattern Design captures birds with incredible but beautiful colours.   Here, as the birds gather together in a clearing the trees are staring at them with great interest.

Surface Pattern’s further description

This particular pattern or design displays the peacock spreading her vibrant elongated tail. In addition to this her attractive plumage of blue and green colour spreads across the scene like a Chinese fan. Consequently she supports her two little friends who are busy chit chatting whilst they wait for the others to land.  The bee eater is the attractive red orange and blue coloured bird on the peacock’s tail.  The other, a humming bird is the bird with black, grey, red, orange and blue colours.  These two birds have probably arrived early for the meeting.  As a result their chirps will be heard this time round.
In addition, the other three birds are in the process of landing. The green blue and grey indian roller will not get in the way of the other birds as she intends to let the others land first.   The parrot is preparing for landing as he spreads his beautiful orange, light  and dark blue wings.  He will land just behind the peacock.  The black magpie. with its orange beak and orange feet, is hoping that the humming bird will move over as it hovers with its purple and pink wings like a helicopter above her . The trees it seems have just woken up.  They  are ready to listen to the stories of the birds which they intend to whisper to the other trees  if the tail is of interest to them.

Ultimate Use

This spectacular colourful scene and surface pattern can be digitally printed.  It can be used for relevant walls covering, fabrics, textiles and any printable object or surface.  Most noteworthy is that it is ideal for designers, fabric houses or anyone who wishes to print off the pattern for their own use.
Format is jpg only.

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