Fashion Trends

Spring will see a bold but diverse line of fashion influenced by the late 60s early 70s. There will be varying lengths of vibrant, metallic and vintage wallpaper printed dresses. Broad shoulder and/or balloon short sleeves. Faux leather hand bags and mini neck scarves.

The Spring trend will roll into the Summer where you will see square toed sandals, white rimmed sunglasses, the hot pants is back and so too are the wide legged pants and light denim jeans. There will also be bright faux leather boxy blazers and jackets with the distinct 90s look, cross the body faux leather handbags and cowboy boots.

During Winter, the high thigh boots will accompany the Bermuda shorts suit. The Bermuda short suit will also be worn throughout Summer as well. The crochet dresses and blouses will eventually disappear from the Winter’s selection but the large prints on dresses will survive along with strips and poker dots on a variety of all-in-one outfits.



With the Spring, Summer and Winter fashions already on their way, what would you like to see in fashion this year?  What are your expectations or predictions?